About Us

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CICI & ASSOCIATES (SA), a registered legal entity accredited by Ballsbridge University (BU), a private university charted by the Commonwealth of Dominica (North America) with accreditation framework regulated by the Board of Quality Standards International (BQS) which is signatory body of the CCLP Worldwide Education Charter with Consultative status in the UN Economic Council

Education, human rights, development and religious programs

Incorporating multi-disciplinary college and university education through local and overseas universities

General business and trade service provider in any field  with and through associates

CiCi and Associates will have a positive impact on society through continual innovation in education, research, creativity and making university education possible for all.










Who We Are


For ordinations, CICI will refer you to its associate known as ECCI (Emmanuel Christian Centre International) which just like CICI is also a partner of FOR:SA and recognized  by the RSA Government and worldwide. ECCI was a member of Grace International


  1. (GI). Any church is free to join ECCI as an autonomous affiliate, and forms are available from ECCI in Bloemfontein or Port Elizabeth at CICI
  2. For information on Christian education institutions including free online distance learning studies, CICI will refer you to one of its divisions known as WAC-SCU (World Alliance for Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities) managed by Profs Banzi, Mbesi and Tshume (President-General, Secretary-General, Treasurer General respectively) while Prof Sandi remains the Founder and Patron of WAC-SCU which is accountable to CICI.



CICI Bible School is known as WAC-SCU Bible Academy  which is a FBC Campus (Registration Nr. SCH-1144) with Prof Sandi as Principal while Administrator is Mr Anathi Sandi. Faith Bible Colleges has over 113 campuses world-wide and has graduated over 40,000 students since 1997, and its LCTC Division is Saqa-accredited up to NQF Level 5.


  1. For development, human rights, civic and other projects / programs, please contact
  • MAAG, Addo Rd, Social Development, Motherwell Complex, Port Elizabeth. Masibambane African Action Group (MAAG) has a community Church known as Masibambane Close The Gap Community Church (MCGCC) which is a member of Grace International. Both MAAG & MCGCC are associates of CICI on development, religion, education, human rights and civic forums.


  1. CICI will refer Christian education institutions and church leaders who wish to be part of a body of Christian religious professionals known as ACRP (Association for Christian Religious Practitioners) accredited be Saqa, for registration and assistance. This also applies to churches, denominations and church networks that wish to use the services of a professional body for their members, by means of a signed MOU.


  1. However, faith Bible College (FBC) division known as LCTC (life Change Training Centre) an associate of ACRP, is already accredited by Saqa and CHE,. Both FBC / LCTC and ACRP are associates of CICI. You study through FBC / LCTC for two years, with or without matric. Thereafter you may enroll for Bachelor up to Doctorate Level with any CHE & Saqa-accredited institution which is an academic partner of FBC / LCTC e.g. SATS, Northwest University, etc.


  1. By assessing your CV / profile, inter alia, CICI will advise you which Saqa accredited / recognized professional body you may join.


  1. CICI will also advise you what to do next if you have failed matric.


  1. CICI will also advise you how to fight for human rights.


  1. CICI will also advise you on development and business implementation strategies and how to secure funding for your programs / projects. CICI will also advise you how to publish a book in any field.


  1. CICI also plans to have Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees on Civic education and Community Engagement, but Certificates to be issued by Ballsbridge University of which CICI is an accredited affiliate.


  1. Ballsbridge University is a partner of DTMIS (Design, Technology Management Society International) which is:


  • A multi-disciplinary professional institution based in SA, and recognized by the South African Government and the Engineering Council of SA as a Business University, also offering distance learning as an accredited partner of the Chartered Institute of Management leadership (CIML) recognized all over the world. CIML is an American professional body seeking to develop management skill sin both employers and employees.


  1. Most Ballsbridge University affiliates and partners are accredited / recognized public and private education institutions worldwide, one of them being the California University FCE. The latter means Foreign Credentials Evaluation.


  1. The Board of CUFCE has evaluated the curriculum of Ballsbridge University as the equivalent of the regional and national accredited universities in the USA. CUFCE is registered with the US Dept. of Education as an education resource organisation and also approved by the California Dept of Education. CUFCE is also recognised by the UN NGO Branch as an Evaluator of Curriculum and academic programs with UNESCO-CHEA as International Quality Group ID 459C246.


  1. Therefore CICI is a “World Civic University” with a number of programs implemented through / with different institutions.


  1. The legacy of Prof Ntsokolo Dan Sandi will run separately by a legal entity known as Ntsokolo Dan Sandi Foundation.


  1. Prof Dan Sandi is on the list of Professors Ballsbridge University International Adjunct Faculty, Quality Assurance and Theses reviewers selected by the Board of Quality Standards International (BQS), of which he is also an Honorary fellow.


  1. Some of the affiliates of CICI are: Vezokuhle Health and Feeding Scheme, Abba Community Mentoring Academy, International College of Pentecostal bishops (ICPB) and WacScu, an associate of Wama (World Alliance for Missionary Associations). the Flames of Fire Ministries International, The Flames of Fire School of Ministry and Theological Seminary, Timothy Apostolic Bible College. All are managed from S.A.


  1. WacScu Founder / Patron (prof ND Sandi) is also associated with the Global Christian Forum which may be approached by WacScu, Wama & CICI for affiliation / working relations, International Union of Tenants (IUT), Bible Archaeological Society, World Association For Academic Doctors, CHE and Saqa-accredited PMI (SA), as private higher education institution (mainly for learnerships in terms agreement between CICI and PMI in Port Elizabeth since 2015.


  1. A working relationship will be explored with International Theological Centre (SA) which offers theological education up to Doctoral level

This also includes T-Net  International and Minnesota Graduate School of Theology (accredited by ACI) with over 4000 (four thousand) students in 200 campuses world-wide.


  1. In future there will be a CICI and Associates Diplomates and Graduates Council (CADAC Council) to promote the concept of World Civic University as driven by CICI & Associates.


  1. It is our intention to establish working relations with umbrella bodies of public universities and colleges in S.A, including private colleges and universities umbrella bodies.


Anti Crime Initiatives


5.1         It is hoped that each region of S.A will have an Anti-Crime and Development Initiative as a program of a regional Civil Society Forum, with a steering committee facilitating the initiative through coordinators of the following regional civil society.


Sectors: (1) Civic (2) Labour (3) Religion (4) Business (5) Hawkers and SMME sector (6) Traditional healers (7)Traditional leaders (8) Sports, Recreation and Arts (9) Culture (10) Women (11) Youth (12) Elderly (13) Disability sector (14) Media (15) NGO sector (16) ECD & Childcare (17) Health & Welfare (18) Taverns & Shebeens (19) Education (20) Taxi & public Transport (21) Caregivers (22) Unemployed sector (23) Foreign nationals (24) Law and Human Rights (25) Crime & Violence (26) Land and Agriculture (27) Environment.


The steering Committee of 15 members (Facilitation Committee) reports to a coordinating council of the 15 members plus Chair and secretary of each of the 27 sectors = 15 + 54 = 69 members who report to a general meeting of civil society known as a General Assembly (Peoples Assembly).


5.2         The Steering Committee must be assisted by two sub committees  of 6 members each namely: (Anti -Crime sub committee and Development Committee. The letter should focus on the following key development areas: social development (community basic needs), economic development, human resources development, nation-building legislatures and governance. CICI has guidelines how this can be done.


  1. Each municipality in S.A has ward committees, each constituted by 10 civil society sectoral reps, as an advisory body to the ward Councillor . However, it is also advisable for each ward to have a group of not less than 6 people in the ward not interested in becoming ward councillors, to register a Ward development Agency, with the support from both the ward councillor and his/her committee as a development implementation partner of the ward committee and his/her committee focusing on resources from private sector social responsibility programs as funders. The ward councillor may become an ex-officio member of the Ward Development Agency Management Committee and its board.

Social Responsibility

  1. VEZOKUHLE SOUP KITCHEN t/a Vezokuhle Development Project


  1. Lastly CICUI has an associate known as Vezokuhle Soup Kitchen trading as Vezokuhle Development Project focusing on about 200 patients needs, but also looking at the following programs, each with a Program Officer reporting to a Management Committee through a Coordinator and Administrator.


The Mancom reports to a board: (1) Health & Welfare (2) ECD & Child Care (3) Youth Leadership (4) Women Leadership (5) Disability Sector & Leadership (6) Elderly & Pensioners.


  1. MASIBAMBANE African Action Group

MAAG (also associate of CICI) focusses on the following:

  • Unemployment
  • Co-op’s
  • Religious Studies
  • General Development, Human Rights and Civic Affairs.


MAAG stands for Masibambane African Action Group, founded and headed by Bishop Ready Valela of Motherwell, port Elizabeth.